Give Fudge a Chance Book Review

Return to Mackinac Island

June is synonymous with blooming bushes and my thoughts turn to Mackinac Island with the reading of Give Fudge a Chance. This 2023 release by Nancy Coco is a delightful cozy mystery with plenty of suspects. Heroine Allie Mc Murphy squeezes time from her busy work schedule to solve the case-since one of the murders takes place at her hotel.

One Busy Lady

Allie Mc Murphy is juggling entries into the county fair, demonstrations of fudge making at the McMurphy, two suiters and two murders. The list does not all tie together by the end, leaving the reader wondering what is in store for the next release in the series.

Ms. McMurphy has gained some common sense from the beginning of the series. She now at least sends a text or leaves a voice mail for boyfriend and cop Rex Manning before heading into trouble. In Give Fudge a Chance, as the title alludes, there are roadblocks between Manning and McMurphy keeping the romance from reaching the next level.

Give Fudge a Chance Plot(s)

The romance/cozy mystery starts with two seemingly unrelated murders as well as a Grand Prize ribbon. By the conclusion the three story lines merge. The pace is quick and the settings in, around, and under Mackinac Island provide added interest. The smuggler’s tunnels are perfect for adding suspense.

The motive in Give Fudge a Chance traces to money and greed. And while one death may have been in the heat of the moment, the other was pre-meditated. And family and love interests cover for the murderer.

Furthermore, the author deftly weaves a current events theme into the book. Allie Mc Murphey’s grand prize fudge is attacked by the loser. Similar to the poor sports in the political arena in the United States, the long-time fair queen claims foul by cheating. Then she promptly divides the island with Team Christine signs popping up everywhere. Fortunately, in Give Fudge a Chance, the cheating claims have a hint of humor.


The Candy-Coated Mystery series is a fun summer read. I checked the paperback copy of Give Love a Chance out of my local library. And I will keep my eyes open for this summer’s release Three Fudges and a Baby. Cozy mysteries combined with a touch of romance are great for escaping the heat. Furthermore, the recipes in the book are great for anyone looking to add fudge to the summer picnic table. Lots to like about this series!

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