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The opinions on this blog are my own unless otherwise noted. I will endeavor to verify all information as factual. If I am unable to do so, I will clearly indicate the data as unproven. The site will provide information source links when possible. My privacy is important. Please read About this Blog before commenting.

Econogal will not be liable for any wrong information or omissions. This includes recipes, reviews and recommendations. It is the reader’s responsibility to verify travel destinations are still available and/or operational.

All products and services will receive honest reviews. Only ads of which I approve, will be on the website. Econogal will on occasion receive compensation from some of the products advertised.

In general this website is family oriented, but some reviewed books are for a mature audience.

There will be no compensation to the reader for any losses or damages from following the recommendations of the website.

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The administrator screens comments. Econogal reserves the right to modify or deny any comments. Since this is a family oriented website, comments are moderated. Econogal will not tolerated certain language or topics. Violation of this policy results in banishment.

One only needs to provide a first name to comment. Furthermore, the website will not share or sell emails. Your privacy is important.