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Welcome to ECONOGAL. My hopes for this website are many and varied, but foremost I am using ECONOGAL as a way to create new pathways in my brain. Since my maternal side of the family has a history of degenerative brain diseases, I plan to fight any similar conditions in my own brain. Some of my research, consisting mostly of reading news articles, has led me to believe that new knowledge helps keep brains healthy.

I have some limitations with respect to content. I am a private person. I married someone with even greater privacy issues and hence any offspring we may have created inherited the same sense of privacy. So any family or friends who may hope to glean personal news may be disappointed in this site. However, if you are a cat lover, my cat Sophie has no issue with the possibility of a public life.

This site will be eclectic in nature. I realize this may doom ECONOGAL from commercial success, so be it.  Book reviews along with commentary concerning successes (and probably failures) in the kitchen, garden and hobby room will be a prominent part of the site. Additionally, there will be occasional interviews and travel recommendations.

Eclectic describes my reading habits. My favorite fiction genre is the murder mystery ( gruesome I know) but I read everything from historical to sci-fi. Non-fiction is not quite as extensive with a heavy emphasis on how-to, although some technology themes have had some of the greatest impact on my everyday life.

In the Kitchen will center on baking and preserving. Recipes will be shared. In the Garden will focus on what I grow. I am somewhat limited by the fact that my garden receives an average of less than 15 inches of moisture a year. Finally, In the Hobby Room will feature quilts and acrylic paints. I have decades of experience in the former and am a newbie in the latter. My new foray into painting is yet another attempt at renewing brain cells.

Finally, I intend for this site to be read by all ages. Therefore, my posts will be G rated. Hopefully all comments will be as well. But if not– there’s always the moderation button. Happy Reading.

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  1. Thank you for sending your card home with Tim. I have enjoyed your page very much. Will just have to remember to keep checking in on it. Also thank you for the granola. I too am a canner, although limited. I mostly put up tons of salsa and dill pickles in the fall. Last year was our first time at jam/jelly. It turned out tasting good, but was a bit runny. I have also canned peaches a few times. I definitely want to try your mixed berry recipe.

    Thanks again. Karen

    1. Karen:
      You are welcome! In addition to the recipes in the kitchen section, I have reviewed several books on cooking and canning which you can find in the library section.

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