November 2023 Wrap-Up

A Challenging Month

The challenge of November 2023 parallels the rest of the year. Patience, stamina and endurance are all needed when acting as a support system for a loved one. Good quality medical care is available, but the health care system in the United States of America definitely has room for improvement.

Coping with stress takes an effort. Each individual needs to discover what mechanisms work best for them. Both spiritual beliefs and Earthly pursuits may relieve the strain one faces in the most difficult of times. If you are experiencing personal troubles, find what works for you.

Health Care

A few months ago in the August Wrap-Up, I discussed a downside of rural living-travelling hours to reach specialized health care. Thus, it is not surprising we opted to spend weekdays in a major city and only returning home on the weekends. Unfortunately, many still drive hours on a daily basis for therapy. Cancer treatments involve specialized care.

I am spending much time in waiting rooms while acting as a support system. So, my observations may be skewed. However, any of you working at or running an insurance company need to re-evaluate your industry. There is no way any doctor would prescribe unnecessary chemo treatments. Nor would patients willingly take additional chemotherapy. Yet, a few days ago I witnessed a young woman (decades younger than I) denied treatment because insurance authorization for the current week had not yet been approved!

This is unacceptable in this country of ours. Or in any country. If private companies cannot act in good faith, we will become more and more socialist. Pros and cons of the various “isms” will be written another day.

Family Visits in November 2023

On the positive side of the month, we have seen many family members on a weekly basis. Each has roots in the rural areas but have chosen to live and work in the city. Even though I can see the attraction, I still hate the traffic.

However, I will take advantage of the closeness of grandchildren and great-nephew and look forward to seeing all the youngsters during this difficult time. Thanksgiving provided an opportunity for family support as well as delicious food. This Thanksgiving holiday ranks among the best.

In the Library

Illustration of a Thanksgiving gathering passing food around the dinner table.Children’s book reviews filled up much of the month. Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie remains a favorite long after the feast. However, other than Sanibel Flats, no other adult reading took place. My top ten books of the year may be difficult to compile next week.

November 2023 Quilting

Sitting and waiting in doctors’ offices and hospitals yields much time for lap quilting. I finished the beautiful bargello baby quilt and am now working on one of the UFO’s. Quilting is one of my coping mechanisms for the challenges of November 2023.

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