Garage Door Update

Garage Door Update

Between the travel and the weather, the home projects are tough to complete. I am happy to give a garage door update. Both doors are finished. Or should I say refinished.

Work on the single door occurred in late September. Since then I have travelled to both coasts and states in between. Weather also delayed things. Ideally temperatures should be in the 70s for staining. As November rolled on, I began to think I would have mismatched doors for the winter.

However the third week of the month turned uncharacteristically warm. I did have a planned trip back to Kentucky so the race was on to see if I could strip, sand, stain and varnish in the allotted six and a half days. I made it!

The challenge was great. This time I was working on the double door. That is twice as much surface area to work on. Also I learned from some of my earlier mistakes.

Taping the door took quite a bit of time. On the single door I left the tape on the windows throughout. This left a sticky residue. So this time I removed the tape from the windows after each step and the tape from other areas after the staining. No residue is evident anywhere.

Because the wind kicked up on two days, I worked occasionally with the doors partway up. This may have caused a problem with the mechanism. The door is now off kilter and we are waiting for the installers to come adjust it.

This has happened before so it may not be related. I love my wood doors but the heavy weight has caused problems with the double door. My recommendation to anyone would be to use them only if all your doors are singles.

The garage door update is related to an earlier post. If you are a new reader you can click here for the initial report. I am a DIY individual. The money saved on this project was considerable. But the main reason I refinished for a garage door update was the inability to find someone willing to do the work.

If you are a young person out there struggling to find work, look around. Many skilled labor jobs are going unfilled. Ten years from now I may not be in shape to do another garage door update. I hope someone can be found to do the work then.