Colorado Custom Roofing Review

Recently we had our roof replaced. The golf ball size hail from earlier this fall took its toll as you can read here. Usually I like to use local companies, but due to a supply shortage, we hired a company from out-of-town. I am glad we did. Colorado Custom Roofing did a great job.

Roofing companies popped up in our community almost as soon as the rain stopped. Yards were peppered with signs to the extent that it looked like a Presidential election year. I am not big on promoting others with yard signs. So you will not find a political sign in my yard, and you won’t find commercial signs either.

Colorado Custom Roofing President James Forbus

I was not home when James Forbus of Colorado Custom Roofing first came by. However, he left a business card with a handwritten note on the back. I have long been a fan of personalised messages. This was one of many things making Colorado Custom Roofing the company I chose.

Another thing I appreciated was the thoroughness of his bid. Everything was itemized. Furthermore, he had experience working with my insurance company. Finally, unlike others that tried to change the shingle type, he instead stated he had worked with the Certain Teed Presidential shakes many times. I really like how my roof looks and works and I did not want to change material.

Part of my satisfaction with Colorado Custom Roofing is the amount of interaction I observed between Mr. Forbus and his work crew. While I do not expect the president of a company to complete all the work, I was quite pleased with the oversight. He directed key phases of the work. By this I mean, he was on the roof overseeing the process. I also like how polite the crew was and the cleanup was thorough.

If you need a new roof consider calling James Forbus of Colorado Custom Roofing. His contact information can be found on the website I think you too will be pleased with the workmanship of Colorado Custom Roofing.