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February 2024 Wrap-Up

Leap Year

Another Leap Day is upon us as we wrap-up February 2024. Leap years coincide with United States of America Presidential Elections. Thus, once primaries roll in, one knows to add a day to February. On an added note, Happy Birthday to all those out there celebrating on their day for the first time since 2020. Hopefully 2024 will be a more positive year.

February 2024 In the Garden

Since February is a short month, accomplishments can seem thin. However, in between snows, time was spent in the garden pruning grape vines and prepping beds. The fluctuation in temperatures is difficult to work with and I have heard of some peach trees trying to bud out. Fortunately, mine are behaving. No crocuses yet, but some of the grass is beginning to green. And like a summer rain, after the snow melt the air smells crisp and clean.

February 2024 In the Library

Multiple trips to the public library have yielded good reading and in one case a re-read. Spring cleaning is not that far away so I re-checked out The Home Edit. I am limiting myself to just four check-outs per time in an effort to stay focused.

Wrapping Up an Estate

Much of February 2024 focused on gathering the necessary tax documents in order to file my father’s last tax return. Some sadness weaves into my daily activities as his sudden death made a few things messier than I think he intended. But, of course most of don’t know when our time is up.

So, the remainder of 2024, I am going to try to really organize my affairs. I hope to have multiple decades ahead but life and death happens.

The estate process is quite lengthy even when not much money is involved. My advice is to prepare as much as possible in advance and keep your house in order- both literally and figuratively.