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Winter’s Child Book Review

A Favorite Series

Winter’s Child by Margaret Coel was released in 2016. The author announced upon release that the novel would be the last in the Wind River mystery series. And unlike the recently reviewed Museum of Lost Quilts, Winter’s Child appears to be the finale.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Coel uses the Wind River Indian Reservation as the setting. The protagonist is Father John O’Malley, a recovering alcoholic sent to the wilds of Wyoming for one last chance.

Indian lawyer Vicky Holden also has a starring role in the series and Winter’s Child focuses on the legal adoption of a five-year-old white child by an Arapaho couple that discovered her on their porch when she was a newborn.

Story Line of Winter’s Child

Vicky Holden braves a winter storm to attend a meeting with area lawyers at the request of Clint Hopkins a solo practitioner who specializes in adoptions. A man who keeps most findings in his memory instead of written down, Clint is run down leaving the meeting. And leaving a mystery for Vicky to solve.

Side Story

Running parallel to the main theme is the research of Shannon O’Malley, niece of Father John. Shannon’s visit to Wyoming includes delving into the history of two white children kidnapped by Indians many years ago. One of the girls became an Arapaho through marriage. Shannon hopes to interview descendants while also recovering from a romantic break-up.

Ending a Series with Winter’s Child

Naturally, Coel manages to tie the story lines together. She also tries to wrap-up the longstanding theme of forbidden love. Even though the mystery in Winter’s Child came to a satisfying conclusion, I am not as happy with the novel signaling the end of the series. Too many unanswered questions with respect to the relationship between the lawyer and the priest.