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One Plucky Survivor Defying Nature

Nature is harsh. Anyone studying the food chains can see just how harsh nature can be. Many of the smallest animals and insects survive by producing large numbers of offspring. However, sometimes survival in nature takes an unusual twist. This is a short tale of one plucky survivor.

One Plucky Survivor

A three-legged doe has frequented our yard for over a year now. The first time I saw her was just after a large buck had to be put down. He had decided my tree line was a good place for his final days. He was unable to hold his head up much less walk. The Division of Wildlife mercifully put him out of his misery. Fortunately for the doe, she was still on the move and eating heartily.

Our local office of the Division of Wildlife knew of her existence when I called. At the time they were taking a wait, watch and see approach for how she coped with the loss of her back leg. We saw her around the neighborhood off and on all summer and into the fall. Then around Christmas time I lost sight of her. To be honest I thought she had become fodder for the local coyotes. Thus, when the deer presents started showing up all over the backyard, I did not even consider her to be the culprit.

However, our weather has been wacky lately and this may be why she is here day as well as night. After a weekend of 70 degree weather, the first part of the work week has arrived with single digit temperatures and cold North winds. Each morning the three-legged survivor grazes next to the house.

She was impervious to Sophie the Cat stalking her under the tree line. Unfortunately, the camera was not at hand because the sight was highly amusing. Hopefully her only stalker will be Sophie. At any rate she is one plucky survivor.

Naming the Deer

I think the doe needs a name. Maybe one that fits with survivor since that is clearly what she is. Right off the bat, all I can think of is Survivor Sally. She is also plucky, so perhaps Plucky Pauline. Maybe you have a better suggestion. Please enter a name in the comment area. I hope the video shows this plucky survivor in a non-upsetting way.