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Curious Minds Book Review

Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite writers. A fellow Zontian at the 2004 Zonta International Convention in New York recommended Evanovich’s work for fun reading. I have been reading her novels ever since. Recently, Evanovich began collaborating on novels. Curious Minds is a collaboration with Phoef Sutton. Sutton is an acclaimed writer with Hollywood connections and ties to one of my favorite college campuses.

First of a Series

Curious Minds is the first of a series. Evanovich and Sutton create a zany cast of characters. Protagonist Riley Moon is in her first real job after graduating with multiple degrees from Harvard-on a scholarship and student loans. She drives a Mini Cooper because her parking space at work is miniscule. Riley grew up in West Texas and has expressions and mannerisms to prove it.

Emerson Knight may not be a complete opposite, but it is close. He is a trust fund eccentric with multiple cars and no driver’s license. He also wants access to the family gold. As in actual possession of the gold. Thus begins the story line.

The firm Riley works for is steeped in traditional Washington-New York family power. The family has one outcast brother Gunter Grunwald. Gunter was Riley’s mentor before he disappeared. The prologue shows Gunter face-to-face with trouble in a vault of gold. The disappearance is tied tightly into the plot. It is unclear if Gunter will play a continuing role in the series.

Curious Minds Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of characters for the most part are down to earth. Emerson’s Aunt Myra and cousin Vernon hail from the Harrisonburg area of Virginia. An area a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. filled with everyday people. Vernon works as a blogger on a website, Mr. Mysterioso, sometimes co-authored by Emerson.

Riley’s Texas roots have a background in law and order. Her dad is a retired cop and the one family member appearing in the book is a brother who followed his father’s footsteps.

The backgrounds for both Riley and Emerson create likeable characters. As with many books which begin a series, back stories are detailed. In the case of Curious Minds, the zany characters are appealing to the reader.

I read many genres and many authors. Prolific writers like Evanovich often team up with co-writers. Sometimes it works as is the case with Curious Minds. The voice created by Evanovich and Sutton flows as one. I will keep my eye open for the next Knight and Moon book to hit the new arrivals shelf at my library.