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Zija Chocolate Protein Bites

Mixing bowl and Ingredients for Zija Protein BitesNow that the holidays are almost over, it is time to cut back on the sugar intake. However, this can be difficult since sugar can be addicting. So, I am replacing some of the Christmas goodies with a healthy snack, Zija Chocolate Protein Bites. The recipe is quite easy and I even had a millennial taste tester give it the okay.


Moringa is the basis for Zija. The only place I have seen Moringa in the grocery store was on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have seen pictures of Moringa plants growing in California. Five times a week I use the Zija protein powder in my smoothies at lunch. Each of the bags last us about 3 months since we only use a scoop in the smoothies. I really like this new recipe for Zija Chocolate Protein Bites. But I don’t think I will go through a batch everyday so I don’t think I will use up the Zija Dutch Chocolate protein powder at a faster rate than the Zija Vanilla Bean which we use in our smoothies.

If you are interested in trying this recipe and have not tried any Zija products, there is a link on the side bar or you can click here. This is one of the few companies I will promote through this site. As I have stated before in my About this Blog, I will not run pop-up advertisements on this site, nor like some sites will I ask for money. But if I really like a product I will allow unobtrusive ads or highlight them in a blog post. Since I am a Zija distributor, if you order through this site I will receive compensation.


Mixing bowl, wax paper, plastic cooking gloves


1 cup Zija XM Protein Powder-Dutch Chocolate flavor

1 cup almond butter

1 Tablespoon peanut butter (optional)

ΒΌ cup honey


Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix with gloved hands. Roll mixture into a 16 inch log which is approximately 1 inch wide. Place in freezer. You can cut them after 30 minutes. My slices were just under a half an inch thick. A rough calculation of calories is about 50 per bite. So like candy you want to be judicious. However, unlike candy, these calories are not empty.


As you can see in the pictures, at certain stages of production the Zija Protein Bites may not look appetizing. I suggest you serve these the first time on a plate after they have been sliced. Once tasted, people will not be put off by the look.