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Senator Bob Dole Congressional Gold Medal

Senator Bob Dole

Today, January 17, 2018, Congress honored former Senator Robert “Bob” Dole  in Washington D.C. with the Congressional Gold Medal. Because Kansas holds a special place in my heart and Bob Dole is a great representative of the state and its populace I watched the coverage. I was moved enough by various parts of the ceremony to write this post.


First, I almost cried when I realized Senator Dole, who is in a wheelchair, was being aided into a standing position for the presentation of the colors. For me, the flag represents our country. I realize this has become controversial as of late, but I am firm on this position. Men and women died for the freedoms we enjoy. These freedoms are privileges and they come at a cost. Many not only fail to show respect, but also fail to understand the importance of respecting each other’s opinions. This division as I alluded to in my review of Hidden Target may not be entirely of our own making.


Second, I welcomed the bipartisanship. Our Congress represents our country. Currently there is much division in both. It is good to see unity. All 100 U.S. Senators voted to bestow this award on Senator Bob Dole. Congressional leaders from both side of the political aisle spoke favorably about the former Senator. One can hope Congress can return to compromise and cooperation without prompting from a disaster. Since we have a large country, we need a functioning government.

Most of the speakers highlighted Senator Dole’s sense of humor in addition to his bravery and devotion to the American public. We were treated to a glimpse of his personality with his personal address. Senator Bob Dole spoke with effort and handed the rest of his response to his wife, Senator Elizabeth Dole by “yielding the remainder of his time.” This phrase brought a smile and memories as one who spent much time in the galleries of the Capitol chambers.

If you were unable to watch this momentous occasion, consider searching for the video. You will find both small segments as well as the full length which was well over an hour. I believe the time would be well spent.