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Sleep Like A Baby Book Review

Sleep Like A Baby Book Review

This week I am reviewing a murder mystery featuring the character Aurora Teagarden. I am a little late to the party as this is the tenth novel with this particular heroine. Sleep Like a Baby is the first novel I have read from prolific writer Charlaine Harris.

Sleep like a baby mystery
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Protagonist Aurora Teagarden is a brand new mother. Her husband Robin Crusoe is on the nominee list for a writing award. But he is hesitant to leave because Aurora is coming down with a cold. As a compromise, he arranges for help at night. The cold turns into the flu. So, Virginia, the hired help, is greatly needed.

The plot thickens when Aurora and her half-brother Phillip discover a woman’s body while searching for the missing Virginia. Sleep Like a Baby becomes a fast paced mystery. The flu symptoms leave Aurora unable to piece together the evening’s events.  Matters are made worse when one of the neighbors claims to have seen Robin in the backyard.

Fortunately Robin has the alibi of winning the Anthony a plane ride away. Doubt does play a small role since he rushes home as soon as he hears the news. Furthermore, the dead woman turns out to be a stalker who had tried to kill Aurora before.
Several subplots intertwine with the key murder mystery. Through it all, Aurora has to decide whether to return to work at the library or stay home with Baby Sophie. A dilemma faced by many. Aurora is also hampered in her sleuthing by the constant requirement of nursing.

Thoughts on Sleep Like a Baby

As I stated above. This is my first Aurora Teagarden mystery. My assumption is the large roll of the infant is used to grow the main character. I found her torn desires believable. The adjustments she faces were accurate. Sleep Like a Baby is not only a fast paced murder mystery, but also a statement on the complexities of staying home with a child.

I realize some people don’t see murder mysteries as fun reads. However, some are to me. I would place Sleep Like a Baby in this category. The characters are warm human beings. You want them to solve the mystery while staying safe and much like a T.V. show, you know in the end they will come out on top. Be sure to check out Sleep Like a Baby the next time you visit the library.