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Last 2017 Harvest

Last 2017 Harvest

Technically December 20th is considered fall. Today’s 60 degree temperature reflects that. But winter is literally just around the corner both on the calendar and the forecast. Since tomorrow’s daytime high will be in the 30’s followed by single digits and colder days, I decided today would be the last 2017 harvest.

As you can see in the photos, not much is left for the last 2017 harvest. In fact, the big crop of the day is the just over one pound of carrots. I should be able to make several dishes with that particular harvest.

On the other hand, the beet greens probably outweigh the roots. Fortunately we like eating the greens as well as the beet. The same small yield can be seen in the spinach and the few remaining green onions. Those will make a great egg white frittata for tonight’s supper.

Another part of the last 2017 harvest is more a matter of convenience. Since the weather is going to abruptly turn nasty, I collected some rosemary and sage to use in my Christmas dinner. Both are in protected areas of the garden, so the herb harvest could have waited. However, I prefer working in sixty degree weather versus twenty degrees and a strong north wind.

Zone 5

I live in Zone 5 and twenty years ago the last harvest would not take place in December. Part of the extension of the growing season arises from learning which plants can survive at below freezing temperatures. More research is needed on my part in order to have a year round harvest in this zone. Additionally, I will probably need to invest in cold frames or even a small greenhouse.

Until then, I am very happy to have the last 2017 harvest fall in late December. Since I usually have the earliest of crops ready by late March, fresh produce from my garden occurs almost ten months a year. Not bad for Zone 5.