Long Road to Mercy Book Review

I recently read Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci. He is a veteran author known for his thrillers. The publishing date for Long Road to Mercy is 2018. But I did not buy/see it at the time. However, I enjoyed checking it out through my Libby App.

New Series, New Characters

Baldacci introduces a new series with Long Road to Mercy. The protagonist, Atlee Pine is a FBI agent based in the rural American town of Shattered Rock, Arizona. Pine is a loner in her mid-thirties with quite a back story. Her twin was kidnapped and never found at the age of six. While Long Road to Mercy begins and ends with this back story, the main plot revolves around government intrigue. The setting is split between the Grand Canyon and Washington, D.C.

Pine’s office consists of one staff member, Carol Blum. Blum is a key character in the book. Older than Agent Pine by about twenty years, Blum can recognize dedication when she sees it. She knows Pine is dedicated. So, Blum mentors FBI Agent Pine and serves as an admirable backup.

Sam Kettler is a National Service Park Ranger. He served in the Mid-east and has razor sharp skills. Kettler and Pine connect. Both are in top physical condition and both carry scars. Quite possibly the relationship will continue in future stories.

Long Road to Mercy Plot

Intrigue, espionage, and treason are at the heart of the novel. Primary action takes place deep in the Grand Canyon with Agent Pine and her assistant, Blum making a sneak trip to Washington D.C. in between. The storyline keeps the reader hooked. The protagonist digs deep to reach the bottom of the mystery.

There is a thinly veiled link to recent historical events in the United States, but the story is pure fiction. And that is a good thing. Because a similar scenario in true life would be devastating.

Novel Strengths

Baldacci has created complex and compelling characters. Both Pine and Blum are strong women and I like that. Sam Kettler is macho without the attitude. I also like that. The sequel to Long Road to Mercy is A Minute to Midnight. I have placed that novel on my To Be Read List.

Readers who enjoy action and don’t mind some violence will enjoy this novel. The main character is a strong female. David Baldacci is an expert at weaving stories of intrigue interspersed with moral conflict. I think the Atlee Pine series will develop quite a following. I know I enjoyed it.



2 thoughts on “Long Road to Mercy Book Review

  1. Have always been a fan of Robert Ludlum, Steve Martini, John Lescroart; anything with suspense and intrigue. For some reason or other avoided David Baldacci ie. until I ran out of books to read and he was recommended.
    To make a long story short I just finished Long Road to Mercy and couldn’t put it down. Read it in less than a day and can’t wait to start No Mans Land this evening.
    One thing for sure is it is going to cost me a small fortune buying his other novels.
    David, keep me in suspense and intrigue for the year ahead as I think we will have another year of Covid-19 and need something to keep me occupied.
    On a side note while I was in high school I often won awards for my creative writing and now wish I had continued along that line.
    There is the saying here in Australia that you’re never too old to start something new so maybe this is the year.
    Thanks again and hopefully I can get my arse into gear and give writing a go, albeit a short story to begin with.

    1. Paul,
      I do think 2022 will be spent reading and hopefully writing as well. A short story sounds like a good start. If you form an online critique group let me know- I would love to be a part of that.

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